9 Nov 2010

Links of London Jewelry charming couture series selection

June 2008, Elizabeth Galton as Creative Director Links of London, to bring new ideas for the brand perspective. After taking over the brand, Elizabeth evolution through advanced design has won praise, and still retain the original Links of London style and tradition.

Links of London Elizabeth scope has expanded to include hand-made garden Lundun Ha Dayton senior clothing, including seasonal series, under the guidance of her creative power, its design has been around for all product lines, including the reflecting characteristics of Links of London content of the store and brand image.

Elizabeth Galton Sweetie collection specially designed for the five 'couture' work, this is Elizabeth's third set of 'couture' series.

These single product is no exaggeration to reveal the same characteristics with Sweetie, like jewelry music carols, the fame of the pendant indicates Links of London has been to the international stage.

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