12 Aug 2011

Cartier - mysterious red box surprise

When a man holding a red box, in a carefully selected his place, he gets a woman's left hand down on one knee, marry the woman of the moment; popular open the box, a symbol of eternal diamond on his left ring finger in the woman the moment their dream marriage began.

Red box witness love
Each diamond ring is a touching love story. Diamond ring and love, like romantic love at first sight, I do not know exactly who should choose who. Cartier "red box" with this most romantic of colors wrapped hot beautiful diamonds, hidden in a deeper commitment to share the love unshaken.
Red symbolizes good luck and happiness, Cartier red box beautifully simple, is the brand created a masterpiece of fine design since. Red leather case, to be decorated with gold lace and precious stones according to the type of place, lined with black velvet or white silk.

Solitaire 1895 a series of diamond engagement ring styles: eachother
Diamond: Round Brilliant cut diamonds
This style reflects the rich heritage of jewelry from Cartier's timeless traditional style, subtle and dignified. Workshop with refined simplicity, called the classical model of the perfect diamond ring care off, hoping to capture the light, so that diamond Ambilight, brilliant. While this has a long history of diamond engagement ring from the late 19th century to witness the classic style, simple vows, vow eternal love seal.

Style diamond engagement ring Solitaire 1895 Series II: Yong Mu love
Diamonds: round brilliant cut diamond, paved with round brilliant cut diamonds
Paved diamond ring Solitaire 1895 series, based on the simple increase in a gorgeous texture, surrounded by small round diamonds shine in the middle of the main diamond bright, symbolizing the family happy.

Ballerine engagement ring series: love dance, Qingshenkuankuan, thus self-evident
Diamonds: four round brilliant cut diamond, one round brilliant cut central diamond master, the weight of the 0.23-0.19 kt options
While this offer diamond engagement ring, from work in parallel, to tie the knot, life and death go hand in hand. Corolla with exquisite mosaic style reflects the elegant and luxurious beauty, like a noble and romantic like a ballerina dancing to soft just reflect sweetly.

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