20 Nov 2010

Folli Follie used to express your feelings

New Products:

Folli Follie launch of the new emotional Series rings, including single-ring, the ring or a set of 3 ring! Let this series of dazzling ring to express your inner feelings, you can wear your feelings alone or in various combinations on a daily basis!

Silver, gold and rose gold ring around your fingers bleed the magic crystal shine in general is full of love ... ... but you carefully put away each of these little baby ... .. a ring with your life scenarios, are intertwined, they are your joy, touching, emotional show. Each ring is also unique in that it tells the story of ... ... those who have experienced the life of memories and special moments that you can not forget, they are worthy of your cherished forever!

Whether you are a mysterious mood, romantic and passion? Select all the emotional series models, expressing affection for you to add unlimited creative combination!


About Folli Follie

Folli Follie have Folli Follie Group, which owns both brands and Links of London, in the international market, design, production and distribution of these two brands of jewelry, watches, accessories and gifts.

Folli Follie in 1982 by Dimitris and Ketty Koutsolioutsos couple founded, through the provision of unique jewelry, watches and accessories to create a true "full fashion concept." Since opening its first store in Athens, Greece, the brand quickly around the world and to enter Japanese market in 1995, stationed in the Hong Kong market in 1998.

In 1997, the company listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, Links of London in 2006, joined the Folli Follie Group.

In the "luxury fashion a reasonable price" under the guidance of this idea, Folli Follie brand is now over 25 countries around the world more than 350 outlets to sell, and in the continued development of important new global strategy for the market.

New Links London Couture

Elizabeth Galton Sweetie collection specially designed for the five 'couture' work, this is Elizabeth's third set of 'couture' series.
These single items and Sweetie is no exaggeration to reveal the same characteristics as the jewelry's ode to the fame of the pendant indicates Links of London has been to the international stage.

This unique representative of the carapace as a combination of several brass instruments, the trombone in the sparkling charm between the incorporation of the violin, and integration into the French horn with a feminine shape and curve of the saxophone is Sweetie microcosm, these silver ornaments suspended in the air as the notes.

Next to the strange necklace is a pair of ornate hand ring, it is in a feminine way to show girls of all forms of jewelry, another is revealed as a classic symphony. These unique single items in a fantastic world of silver, magical interpretation of the bracelets, pendants, each of which presents a souvenir (love the shoes, handbags or bras), are locked in memory, the most worthy treasured heirlooms.

And share these stories, is another necklace and bracelet, they meet in a candy store sweet style - when you touch the eyes of the spread of the silver collar on the wrist and could not help but brighten when the candy tassels, these single products give you the time of the initial visit candy store excitement, full of the candy jar filled with childhood memories.

As previously Flutter & Wow and London Grid seasons 'Couture' series, Sweetie Couture of each piece are known in the jewelry district in London Hatton Garden in the studio, the creative director of the professional under the guidance of Elizabeth, handmade .

Cat Deeley became Links London spokesman

Links of London formally announced the appointment of Cat Deeley as global brand ambassadors. Cat Deeley for its new series of filming a series of print ads, will be in the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia, introduced in parallel.

Cat Deeley global spokesperson in Britain, the United States in recent years known as one of the most popular TV presenter, and active in the entertainment industry, she currently is participating in TV show "So You Think You Can Dance" the presiding. Cat Deeley has twice received the British Film and Television Academy Awards, and with some of her hit show hosted by the British won several awards; popularity and strength of both. She interviewed over the years many celebrities such as Madonna, Mariah Carey, U2 and so on.

Brand Creative Director Elizabeth Galton is Cat's stylish and elegant atmosphere of England, and attracted by gestures. She was born with external light and a new era of independent self-confident female image is more with the Links of London brand essence of the design coincides with the fashion industry this partnership is bound to add a lot of topics.
Cat Links of London will further elaborate on the inner spirit, the first endorsement in the global new autumn and winter of 2010, the British influence with the world girl, Links of London will show us a more exciting side.

18 Nov 2010

Links of London 2010 brand new watch collection

Recently, Folli Follie Group Links of London carrying a number of brand new series of stunning debut Basel World 2010.

Watch Series 20/20

Charm of an elegant, very feminine jewelry sweetie watch this, let us recall the brand this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Links of London 3 Rings (3 Rings). This watch embodies the design concept of Links of London: "love London life" (Love London Life), layered ring ring embedded in a micro form a beautiful profile; symbol of life everlasting inner bearing the brand attractive. Processing is applied in several fine jewelry production process, including: diamonds, as well as hidden in the luster of mother of pearl dial stone layers.

Allegra watch series

Female models watch the most classic style, highlight the elegant oval dial and mature. Roman numerals, second hand watches and long-form disc overall shape for the wearer to bring timeless elegance; Allegra series called the best evening watch.

Capital Watch Series

Classic style, simple Capital Card watch is the best choice for everyday wear. Swiss made watch, large dial, with options to provide different materials: including stainless steel and rose gold. Calendar dial has an important function of crocodile leather strap and black leather selection.

Contour watch series

Surface is the perfect combination of round and square, so watch which show extreme masculine beauty. Brand logo on the dial up with the calendar function with balanced, double brushed and polished stainless steel decorative highlights the overall effect. The same shall also be divided into stainless steel strap or leather strap or rose gold case. Dial size of 40 mm and 44 mm into.

Sidescape watch series

Inspired by the British construction, Sidescape watch is the perfect combination of elegance and modernity. At first glance, the appearance of a perfect square that is scintillating, closer examination showed that the dial side of the unexpectedly beautiful arc, reflecting the characteristics of modern architecture. Concave dial highlights the sense of design. Sidescape series is divided into stainless steel or rose gold material, there are mechanical watches with the money.

Men Luxury Jewelry: Not Just for Women Anymore

Earlier this month, news leaked that rapper Jay-Z was looking into launching a line of male jewelry. Of course, there is nothing new about pop musicians wearing jewelry, whether it’s rapper bling, goth skulls, hippie beads, or heavy-metal Silver Chain. But changing from customer to jeweler is a big step, and Jay-Z is not the first musician to take it. Earlier this year British performer Pete Doherty announced that he would begin designing jewelry, inspired by everything from Moroccan silver to German pocket watches。
 The man who let slip that Jay-Z is considering a jewelry collection was British jeweler Stephen Webster, who a decade ago designed his first collection of men’s jewelry, Rayman, executed in silver and inspired by stingray skin. He had carried out inpidual commissions before, but this was the first time he’d conceived a prêt-à-porter collection of men’s rings, sweetie bracelets, pendants, and so on. Though the press loved it, he recalls, it was difficult to find places to sell it. “I had one shop, a small cupboard in Manchester Square in London, and other jewelers didn’t have an area for it,” he says。
Much has changed since then. “There is virtually no jeweler now that does not have a dedicated men’s section,” he says. The market makes up more than 20 percent of his business. Beginning next month, Saks Fifth Avenue will expand its male jewelry offerings, giving Webster six times more display space。
Of course this is not the first time that men have worn jewelry; at the court of King James I, style leader George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, was known to turn up at court gatherings decked out in diamond Sweetie silver earrings, cockades and hatbands, and huge pearl knots—he wore jewelry like prisoners wore fetters and manacles. The Puritans put an end to all that, but it would take more than Oliver Cromwell to keep men from garlanding themselves; chains, pins, and rings were still very much a part of the 19th-century man’s attire, with dandies like Disraeli wearing rings over their white gloves。
In the 20th century, the Indian maharajahs kept the tradition alive, deluging Cartier with so many orders that the Paris jeweler set up an office in India. For the last few generations, however, male jewelry has been, if not taboo, then certainly of marginal interest, except among a few high-profile sports and music stars. Now the new century has given rise to mainstream interest in what many of its proselytizers have been careful to call “male adornment。”
According to African silversmith Patrick Mavros, contemporary male jewelry is all about manliness and meaning. Mavros, whose men’s bangles have won quite a following, bases his designs on the traditional “male adornment” of his native Zimbabwe. “It has to do with manhood, spiritualism, and bravery,” he says. An accumulation of bangles at the wrist can form an important part of a man’s life story. “In the history of each bangle he can identify a stage in his life when there was a success or defeat。” This sense of narrative on the wrist was recently evident on Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list, which featured a picture of French financier Arki Busson wearing a wristful of bracelets with his dinner jacket。
Jeweler Theo Fennell, who has shops from Hong Kong to Barbados, has also observed the rise of banker bling. “Friendship bracelets given to them by wives, children, or girlfriends give men an excuse to wear jewelry, and they need a reliable excuse that does not smack of vanity,” he says. If a sentimental memento is not available, the piece should at least have some vestigial overtones of practicality. “Dog tags evoke Army buddiness and even a signet ring has that idea, however outdated, of usefulness,” he says. For his part, Fennell wears “a gold bracelet, which purports to have healing properties。” But he has noticed that even practical professional men are wearing things besides dog tags and keys around their necks, indicating a shift from “excuse,” or story-led, jewelry toward “genuine self-adornment。”
Certainly that fits the thinking of Nicolas Bos, the creative director of Van Cleef &Arpels. This September, Van Cleef launched its first collection of men’s jewelry, called Perlée. “We were getting a lot of requests from clients who love the house and purchase pieces for their wives, girlfriends, or mistresses, and were asking why there was nothing for them,” he says. Though the popularity of rock-and-roll-style jewelry has helped change perceptions, his customers “want something sophisticated that does not scream ‘I want to be a member of Metallica.’ ” Bos had thought about launching a men’s collection eight years ago, but found most designs insufficiently masculine or not representative of the Van Cleef style。
With Perlée, which grew out of the popular women’s Alhambra line, he feels he has struck the right balance. Instead of finding its expression in aggressive designs, Van Cleef’s masculinity is evident in subtle touches like brushed rather than polished finishes, metals such as white and pink gold that remind men of their luxury watches, and the use of symmetrical or geometric rather than whimsical motifs。
Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele is bearing these issues in mind as she designs her first men’s collection for Chopard. The brand has had much success with red-carpet women’s jewelry and big-event pieces for celebrities like Elton John, but now she feels the time is right for a men’s collection with wider appeal. “Men in general tend to enjoy jewelry more than in years before—especially the younger generation,” she says. She believes that such Chopard classics as the symmetrical ice cube collection can be repurposed for men, and she is keen to explore matte surfaces, macho gunmetal finishes, and dark-colored precious stones like sapphires and black diamonds。
Men already buy some of the most expensive jewelry on the planet, but it’s worn by the women they give it to. “Very expensive women’s jewelry is almost a man’s symbol of ownership,” says Fennell. “We have a way to go before men are wearing 25 carats around the neck ... unless they are the gigolo and the reverse has happened to them。” In the rarefied world of high jewelry, stranger things have happened。

17 Nov 2010

Folli Follie chic accessories with you to the flower fairy tales

Folli Follie Inspiration Collection
Clothing torch bearers to reveal personal taste, probably unique accessories from the body to start. The current spring and summer, Folli Follie flower to bring you into the fairy tale world, the new launch of a summer stride, childlike flavor of the Urban Spin brown rubber watch and Inspiration Collection hand-Chu Tung flower design, earrings, etc., fashion design . In addition, Just Gold Fashion Jewelry fun, inspiration taken from the dolphins, bees, panda proud animals, fun unlimited. The flash Just Diamond Drill series, places a woman of gold and diamonds interpretation of true style.

Folli Follie Urban Spin brown rubber watc
Links of London Sweetie bracelet with the blueprint for the design, to create a Sweetie watch series, which show a lively contemporary style; both original and special design in mind, watch the series, including diamonds and rubies of fashion models. Precious stones and decorated with stripes and circular designs throughout the dial and crystal glass. The most luxurious a, dial, case and bracelet set with 450 diamonds were, blinking very much.

Links of London silver jewelry of youth-type sweet

Flutter & Wow geometric design of the wrist

A few more years of life, 20 years must be vigorously pursued. Was born in 1990, the British jewelry brand of Links of London, the classic candy circle of family and a wide range of proud links london Sweetie Charm, indeed captured the hearts of many girls. This year, to celebrate 20 birthday, creative director Elizabeth Galton will design a new enamel bracelet watch and exaggerated Sweetie Couture silver series, will be able to satisfy the die-hard fans.

Custom-made series

In 2002, another by a small circle built on the Sweetie Silver Series for the first time exposure, have since become the best-selling brand of work and play tricks. The same series cherries, and the word so proud Charms Heart Charm, but also with the free combination of personal preference with the necklace or bracelet on your personal taste and creativity released.

This back, Sweetie Couture line includes candy circle of sterling silver and brass jewelry combination, not only greatly pieces worth seeing, and full weight. Related to work in London's famous Hatton Garden jewelry district in the studio, the creative director of the professional under the guidance of Elizabeth Galton, ingenuity produced. However, fans will want to buy a speaker earlier, as being only accept reservations without spot!

The design of other fascinating new enamel bracelet watch, Sweetie Stones & Candy Hearts Rose Gold series, Sweetie mini candy circle of family and Sweetie Stones & Candy Hearts series of heart-shaped spar, classic design with the concept of fashion, retaining the brand The Sweetie style, really exciting.

16 Nov 2010

Links of London Ceramic Bracelet

Ceramic powder after processing, can create even stronger than steel but extremely lightweight the new high-precision ceramic, metal alloy powder and other mixed-firing, leaving this material has the general precious metals.

The field of fine jewelry and accessories in the area, with many big-name coincidentally with a new precision ceramic and ceramic-related materials or technology, for us to explore the vision, technology innovation through the material and offer us a pioneering ceramic jewelry with ornaments.
 Links of London Ceramic Bracelet
White gold ring with ceramic and semi-transparent ceramic like suet jade, iridescent refraction of light, to reflect a feminine and delicate.

15 Nov 2010

Men's winter simple and elegant bracelet-Links of london jewelry

Dior Homme called "Carbon Sense" of the 2010-2011 Winter Series

Dior Homme called "Carbon Sense" of the 2010-2011 autumn and winter series, the emphasis is on light and smooth lines and shape of self-cultivation, within broad match slender suit coat, clothes cut clear, comfortable to wear. Military jacket leather details and a new sense of scale fashion show, luxury materials abound, including the original workshop Dior Homme stripe silk cloth and other top materials: camel hair, cashmere different weights, lightweight flannel , the initial edge of unmodified and dumb hair sheep leather. Of which there are several exquisite sense of simplicity there is no lack of men bracelet, reflecting the season hardness with softness of the design concept, the frequent use of black material, but also followed the season, "carbon" design inspiration.Whether the goodwill of Links of London, Montblanc's atmosphere, Givenchy's bold, or Dior Homme fashion sense, compared to expensive, heavy to watch, a bracelet of elegant simplicity, no doubt men dress themselves in the autumn of more subtle way.

14 Nov 2010

Links of London - Sweetie bracelet as "wrist candy"

Links of London was established by a pair of fish cufflinks orders began to type. A British restaurant customers for long-term fish production of a pair of silver cufflinks as a gift-based, designed to attract the famous London department store Harvey Nichols, and ordered the entire series, Links of London thus born.

As one of the most coveted jewelry brand, Links of London, continues with charming line of jewelry, watches and a series of extraordinary eye-catching small and exquisite gifts, so that the guests put it down. Brand representative "Sweetie" bracelets, inspired by the growth of British children to accompany the traditional candy, and even a British characteristics. Links of London jewelry creative, the unparalleled craftsmanship and the best combination of quality materials. We often offer some amazing new products, we believe that product design with the function of both, and do our best to bring you a blend of modern and classic, trendy and unexpected products. Sweetie bracelet from the result (otherwise Wei quartz, chalcedony, coral, Danube, Black Danube), each child can hang different pendants.

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