17 Nov 2010

Links of London silver jewelry of youth-type sweet

Flutter & Wow geometric design of the wrist

A few more years of life, 20 years must be vigorously pursued. Was born in 1990, the British jewelry brand of Links of London, the classic candy circle of family and a wide range of proud links london Sweetie Charm, indeed captured the hearts of many girls. This year, to celebrate 20 birthday, creative director Elizabeth Galton will design a new enamel bracelet watch and exaggerated Sweetie Couture silver series, will be able to satisfy the die-hard fans.

Custom-made series

In 2002, another by a small circle built on the Sweetie Silver Series for the first time exposure, have since become the best-selling brand of work and play tricks. The same series cherries, and the word so proud Charms Heart Charm, but also with the free combination of personal preference with the necklace or bracelet on your personal taste and creativity released.

This back, Sweetie Couture line includes candy circle of sterling silver and brass jewelry combination, not only greatly pieces worth seeing, and full weight. Related to work in London's famous Hatton Garden jewelry district in the studio, the creative director of the professional under the guidance of Elizabeth Galton, ingenuity produced. However, fans will want to buy a speaker earlier, as being only accept reservations without spot!

The design of other fascinating new enamel bracelet watch, Sweetie Stones & Candy Hearts Rose Gold series, Sweetie mini candy circle of family and Sweetie Stones & Candy Hearts series of heart-shaped spar, classic design with the concept of fashion, retaining the brand The Sweetie style, really exciting.

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