25 Nov 2010

Links London the International jewelry story

As a coveted brand jewelry, Links of London continue to keep charming dream of london jewelry series, eye-catching and unusual watch the extraordinary series of small exquisite jewelry small gift items, so that the guests put it down. Links of London fine from the start to a highly innovative design, unparalleled craftsmanship and the highest quality materials for unmatched combination of process design is known. Each brand new series were created by adhering to the fine traditions to create the perfect quality system, each boutique is also a timeless modern classic.

Elizabeth Galton - Links of London creative director
Links of London in 1990 founded the brand over the past 20 years rapid development, and specialty stores all over london and the creation of a global link. Brand is currently in London, New York, Tokyo, Athens, London, Dubai and Hong Kong and other internationally renowned global city of Athens to open over 60 stores, also in stores in Hawaii July 4, 2009 opening of the Beijing and Shanghai, specialized specialized stores also opened in Beijing have opened in 2009, and plans to continue to expand in the future, will the future bring brand business continue to other emerging markets.

Links of London in July 2006 was well-known jewelry, watches and accessories brand Folli Follie Group london folli 2006 acquisition. Andrew Marshall in August 2007 was appointed executive director of Links of London. A parent marshal andrew based parent company, Folli Follie's strong support, Links of London has been ready for anything, the systematic development of system development and expansion of london new product category, full-speed into the world markets, to flex its muscles.

Elizabeth Galton in March 2008 to join the team as the new creative director. Elizabeth's extensive experience and by elizabeth galton 2008 novel idea, no doubt led the brand to another level. Links of London is no doubt that levels of product diversification ideas have started, but there are plans to introduce more new product lines, as well as the introduction of products that women and men, Ms. jewelry products richer and more pluralistic. Elizabeth's goal is to enhance the brand to a new realm of elizabeth new products, will bring London's vitality and power of inspiration, create a series of rich inspiration for life in London with fresh and highly representative of the treasures.

Long, Links of London jewelry and gifts has been regarded as a pioneer in the industry as a pioneer and leader london sleeves. In 2007, the brand for three consecutive years in the UK Jewellery Awards in, jewelleri award 2007 was awarded the "Annual jewelry brand" awards. Linksof London was described as "the market can adapt to all kinds of smart chic brand design london design show the effect of various types of very alarming."

The brand's new "Sweetie" and "Friendship" bracelets, new watch, gifts to jewelry to friendship sweeti new series, are all signs of quality, people are looking forward to london Links of London's iconic jewelry to.

June 2008, Elizabeth Galton as Creative Director Links of London, bringing the brand new elizabeth london galton creative perspective. After taking over the brand, Elizabeth advanced design evolution through the perspective of winning elizabeth ahead of praise, and still retain the original Links of London style and tradition.

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