21 Nov 2010

"By your design" friendship hand-wrist rope

Links of London UK following the success of Bespoke Friendship hand rope, Hong Kong as Asia's first launch Bespoke Friendship place. The hand-wrist rope and want to increase the style of fashion followers called the perfect match, a hand rope can design their own costumes to match favorite!

Unique colors such as dark green and navy blue suit will reduce the seriousness of male sense of bright red and turquoise color is the perfect color combination of the weekend.

Bespoke Friendship manual and the assistance of sales staff, and create your own Bespoke Friendship hand rope is not an easy task. Hands need to rope the width of your favorite colors from the 12 stylish and unique choice of 4 colors of love, the last of your personal imprint carved in sterling silver buckle had just completed the design chain.

Bespoke Friendship hand rope is the expression of your love to a friend Treat yourself to the ideal gift is the best choice!

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