20 Nov 2010

Folli Follie used to express your feelings

New Products:

Folli Follie launch of the new emotional Series rings, including single-ring, the ring or a set of 3 ring! Let this series of dazzling ring to express your inner feelings, you can wear your feelings alone or in various combinations on a daily basis!

Silver, gold and rose gold ring around your fingers bleed the magic crystal shine in general is full of love ... ... but you carefully put away each of these little baby ... .. a ring with your life scenarios, are intertwined, they are your joy, touching, emotional show. Each ring is also unique in that it tells the story of ... ... those who have experienced the life of memories and special moments that you can not forget, they are worthy of your cherished forever!

Whether you are a mysterious mood, romantic and passion? Select all the emotional series models, expressing affection for you to add unlimited creative combination!


About Folli Follie

Folli Follie have Folli Follie Group, which owns both brands and Links of London, in the international market, design, production and distribution of these two brands of jewelry, watches, accessories and gifts.

Folli Follie in 1982 by Dimitris and Ketty Koutsolioutsos couple founded, through the provision of unique jewelry, watches and accessories to create a true "full fashion concept." Since opening its first store in Athens, Greece, the brand quickly around the world and to enter Japanese market in 1995, stationed in the Hong Kong market in 1998.

In 1997, the company listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, Links of London in 2006, joined the Folli Follie Group.

In the "luxury fashion a reasonable price" under the guidance of this idea, Folli Follie brand is now over 25 countries around the world more than 350 outlets to sell, and in the continued development of important new global strategy for the market.

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