18 Nov 2010

Links of London 2010 brand new watch collection

Recently, Folli Follie Group Links of London carrying a number of brand new series of stunning debut Basel World 2010.

Watch Series 20/20

Charm of an elegant, very feminine jewelry sweetie watch this, let us recall the brand this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Links of London 3 Rings (3 Rings). This watch embodies the design concept of Links of London: "love London life" (Love London Life), layered ring ring embedded in a micro form a beautiful profile; symbol of life everlasting inner bearing the brand attractive. Processing is applied in several fine jewelry production process, including: diamonds, as well as hidden in the luster of mother of pearl dial stone layers.

Allegra watch series

Female models watch the most classic style, highlight the elegant oval dial and mature. Roman numerals, second hand watches and long-form disc overall shape for the wearer to bring timeless elegance; Allegra series called the best evening watch.

Capital Watch Series

Classic style, simple Capital Card watch is the best choice for everyday wear. Swiss made watch, large dial, with options to provide different materials: including stainless steel and rose gold. Calendar dial has an important function of crocodile leather strap and black leather selection.

Contour watch series

Surface is the perfect combination of round and square, so watch which show extreme masculine beauty. Brand logo on the dial up with the calendar function with balanced, double brushed and polished stainless steel decorative highlights the overall effect. The same shall also be divided into stainless steel strap or leather strap or rose gold case. Dial size of 40 mm and 44 mm into.

Sidescape watch series

Inspired by the British construction, Sidescape watch is the perfect combination of elegance and modernity. At first glance, the appearance of a perfect square that is scintillating, closer examination showed that the dial side of the unexpectedly beautiful arc, reflecting the characteristics of modern architecture. Concave dial highlights the sense of design. Sidescape series is divided into stainless steel or rose gold material, there are mechanical watches with the money.

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