14 Nov 2010

Links of London - Sweetie bracelet as "wrist candy"

Links of London was established by a pair of fish cufflinks orders began to type. A British restaurant customers for long-term fish production of a pair of silver cufflinks as a gift-based, designed to attract the famous London department store Harvey Nichols, and ordered the entire series, Links of London thus born.

As one of the most coveted jewelry brand, Links of London, continues with charming line of jewelry, watches and a series of extraordinary eye-catching small and exquisite gifts, so that the guests put it down. Brand representative "Sweetie" bracelets, inspired by the growth of British children to accompany the traditional candy, and even a British characteristics. Links of London jewelry creative, the unparalleled craftsmanship and the best combination of quality materials. We often offer some amazing new products, we believe that product design with the function of both, and do our best to bring you a blend of modern and classic, trendy and unexpected products. Sweetie bracelet from the result (otherwise Wei quartz, chalcedony, coral, Danube, Black Danube), each child can hang different pendants.

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