20 Nov 2010

New Links London Couture

Elizabeth Galton Sweetie collection specially designed for the five 'couture' work, this is Elizabeth's third set of 'couture' series.
These single items and Sweetie is no exaggeration to reveal the same characteristics as the jewelry's ode to the fame of the pendant indicates Links of London has been to the international stage.

This unique representative of the carapace as a combination of several brass instruments, the trombone in the sparkling charm between the incorporation of the violin, and integration into the French horn with a feminine shape and curve of the saxophone is Sweetie microcosm, these silver ornaments suspended in the air as the notes.

Next to the strange necklace is a pair of ornate hand ring, it is in a feminine way to show girls of all forms of jewelry, another is revealed as a classic symphony. These unique single items in a fantastic world of silver, magical interpretation of the bracelets, pendants, each of which presents a souvenir (love the shoes, handbags or bras), are locked in memory, the most worthy treasured heirlooms.

And share these stories, is another necklace and bracelet, they meet in a candy store sweet style - when you touch the eyes of the spread of the silver collar on the wrist and could not help but brighten when the candy tassels, these single products give you the time of the initial visit candy store excitement, full of the candy jar filled with childhood memories.

As previously Flutter & Wow and London Grid seasons 'Couture' series, Sweetie Couture of each piece are known in the jewelry district in London Hatton Garden in the studio, the creative director of the professional under the guidance of Elizabeth, handmade .

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