15 Nov 2010

Men's winter simple and elegant bracelet-Links of london jewelry

Dior Homme called "Carbon Sense" of the 2010-2011 Winter Series

Dior Homme called "Carbon Sense" of the 2010-2011 autumn and winter series, the emphasis is on light and smooth lines and shape of self-cultivation, within broad match slender suit coat, clothes cut clear, comfortable to wear. Military jacket leather details and a new sense of scale fashion show, luxury materials abound, including the original workshop Dior Homme stripe silk cloth and other top materials: camel hair, cashmere different weights, lightweight flannel , the initial edge of unmodified and dumb hair sheep leather. Of which there are several exquisite sense of simplicity there is no lack of men bracelet, reflecting the season hardness with softness of the design concept, the frequent use of black material, but also followed the season, "carbon" design inspiration.Whether the goodwill of Links of London, Montblanc's atmosphere, Givenchy's bold, or Dior Homme fashion sense, compared to expensive, heavy to watch, a bracelet of elegant simplicity, no doubt men dress themselves in the autumn of more subtle way.

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